About Us

Our Mission Statement

No matter the size and industry of your business, Truecom can accommodate your needs. We offer low cost and bespoke telecommunication solutions, delivered with a friendly and trustworthy attitude.

Truecom is made up of a team of honest, dependable and down to earth individuals who focus on outstanding customer service, using our experience in all fields of B2B communications and IT to support you and your business wherever we can.

We strive to build excellent rapport with all our customers, creating long term business relationships which we hope will stand the test of time. We want to be the one point of contact, the one number you ring and the one place you can always get the answer you need.

We set high expectations for a reason.

Who Are We…

Truecom is an inspired business idea which came about when 3 employees/friends witnessed and discovered a problem within the business to business telecoms market.

An opportunity arose when private investors approached one of us seeking a new business idea. The idea was a success and we were granted the financial backing we needed in order to start a business. However in order for this company to be a success, we knew that we had to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

Having a combined industry knowledge of 25 years and having first hand experience witnessing the difficulties businesses face when shaking hands on an agreement, we believe that trust and being honest is paramount to developing great relationships with our customers.

Therefore we as a team of loyal, dependable and down to earth individuals started this company based around delivering the truth… Not only the truth but to be one of the genuine businesses out there that strive for long-term goals with big plans for the future of this company.

Our service levels are based around customer feedback to ensure we are at the top of our game, allowing us to deliver exactly as promised. Each and every customer is vitalto our business as they will be the ones who make us grow.

Innovation Inspired

At Truecom we thrive on technology, we feel that keeping on top of the latest advances is essential which more and more people are starting to realise – Computers, Tablets, Mobile devices are here to stay. They have become so commonplace in today’s world that there will always be a need for them. As we evolve into a world of forever changing technology, the more we will come to rely on them and it is important that you as a consumer and a business, evolve with it.

We always make sure we know our products inside out, to achieve this we use all of these cutting edge technologies ourselves, driving our productivity sky high by taking advantage of cloud computing and collaborated working. At any one time, we are able to access all of the data we need from our systems, no matter where we are in the world!

In the past few years, we have seen some incredible innovations surface; we take a hold of these and give them our full backing, utilising them ourselves first, then once satisfied with their quality, promote them to our customers so they can be assured its been tried and tested by the people they trust, if we don’t believe in it, we will not talk about it.

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