We make sure our customers have as much flexibility with their communication finances as possible. We know nowadays that equipment doesn’t come cheap, so that we can try our best to help our customers were we can. Our leasing solution allows us to compensate for our clients who don’t want to preferably put forward a capital outlay. This enables to actually bespoke a solution that is right for the customer and most importantly ensures the customer is happy. Best of all you own all your equipment at the end of the term and that’s why we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s leading Business leasing specialists; Henry Howard Finance plc.

Our finance agreements are not secured against anything but the asset itself. Our finance facility is agreed without the need for a charge / debenture against any freehold property & is not classed as a debt against the business.

Fixed rate borrowing
Leasing also offers simplified cash flow management. Our payments are fixed, making cash flow management more predictable & easier than a variable rate loan. The fixed interest rate of a lease also helps if interest rates rise. It is our opinion that the upward pressure of money costs make fixed rate borrowing the most prudent way to borrow money.

No deposit required
Customers don’t have to make an upfront payment to hold the equipment or for the installation to commence, they won’t pay a penny until the kit is fully installed and in working order.

Tax advantages
Leasing allows you to deduct the monthly payments from your taxable income because finance leases are viewed as operating expenses. Lease payments appear on the profit & loss sheet as a cost to the business in the same way as wages/ rates & are 100% deductible against tax. Lease payments replace the charge for depreciation in the business accounts which is not allowable for tax relief. This means that subject to the customer paying 21% tax on their gross profit they will save 21% on every rental that they make.

Credit lines / Cash Flow
Leasing gives you access to the asset with minimal up-front payments & spreads the cost over time. The customer pays for the asset with the income it generates whilst minimizing the drain on working capital. In addition to saving working capital by ensuring a big cash outlay is not required, our finance agreements preserve your other credit lines, (such as additional bank loans etc). This allows you to keep other lines of funding open to the customer. The primary period of the lease will match the asset depreciation period, typically five years for shop fittings.

Upgrade Opportunities
Leasing allows businesses to keep up to date with developments in technology. By the time the customer’s agreement is coming to an end more often than not there will be updated equipment available in the marketplace, not only that but the company may also have expanded and so their requirements could have changed. Being an existing customer of yours makes the upgrade an easier sell.

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